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Style, Form, and Function with “Durability Beyond Expectations”!


Photo Studio/26 products with integrated rubber sole (bottom)  are the product of more than 2 years  design and development   with the goal of “the infinite carry”. Subjected to f multiple prototypes, and  rigorous testing ,we are pleased to bring this innovation to market .


Bag accessories are a universal part of life for everyone, and of special importance to photographers, they need core protection for their valuable equipment.  The new Studio/26  bag line is as smart and stylish as it is almost indestructible, waterproof, shock resistant, and wipes clean.


What part of a bag is soonest worn out? THE BOTTOM!  Our bags are made with the most durable rubber bottom, similar to a sport shoe.  Bags bottoms are under a fraction of the impact and wear of a sport shoe, which suggests that the bag bottom is of infinite durability.


Where have you put down your bag lately? What part of a bag gets the most soiled? THE BOTTOM!  Our bag bottoms are made with rubber that is easily wiped clean and disinfected.  The rubber bottom is also stabilizes the bag to stand up on its own, and will protect valuable contents from shock.


The removable basket is redesigned for ultimate convenience, as well as protection superior protection. With internal dividers that are fully adjustable, and our foldable, collapsible construction make the adjustment easy.  Velcro lining and tabs hold the dividers securely in place.  The basket and dividers are fully lined and padded for safety. The basket can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth, as well as the entire lining of the bag.


We are incorporated in 2005. Our CEO Neil Leibowitz has decades of experience in bag design, development and manufacturing.  His broad knowledge of the market  and experience making every kind of fashion bag, insulated bags, blends insight for creation of  the photography bag at its best and most beautiful ,


As a designer myself, I was so impressed to find innovation like this which is so rare that a  kind of bag is designed with a new feature that is practical and durable, in a way that has not been seen before.  It’s so great to be able to keep the bag clean and to bag baby’s room protected from the shmutz that you don’t want in the house.

What a great bag, with a rubber bottom ! Weatherproof, waterproof, and so easy to clean.  With my expensive gear - and I plan to add more-  I was looking for the best value and expected useful life (I have thrown out a couple of  those cheap bags that are all over Amazon and fall apart).  Found it ! This bag is so strong, so durable, it could very well last decades !