The Importance of Keeping Your Baby Bag Clean

The Importance of Keeping Your Baby Bag Clean


We all know how important it is to carry a baby bag. Your little one requires an awful lot of stuff to be available, wherever you are, at a moment’s notice. Having a durable bag, large enough to carry it all with enough internal storage to keep it all straight is a life saver. But sometimes, in the day to day hustle of baby life we forget how important it is to keep that bag clean, for your sake and theirs.


Your Baby Bag is a Workhorse

Let’s face it. You put things into your baby bag that you would never think of putting into any other bag you own. Poopy diapers, leaky milk bottles, half eaten baby food containers, soiled clothes...the list goes on. If you don’t clean your bag occasionally all that murk can accumulate, and over time the inside of your bag can become a very unpleasant place. Better to be proactive and head off the baby bag blues before they ever really get a chance to establish themselves.

Here are a few tips you can use to keep your baby bag hygienic and smelling fresh all the time.


Clean Up Spills Immediately 

Spills happen in baby bags. But don’t cry over spilled milk. Clean it up immediately so that it doesn’t have a chance to sour and dry in the bag fabric. Fast action can prevent major headaches in the future.


Put Poopy Diapers in Plastic Bags

Never put a poopy diaper directly into your baby bag. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. The last thing you want is for some of the diaper contents to ooze out and start working its way into the side or bottom of your bag. Instead, tightly wrap the diaper in a strong plastic bag before placing into your baby bag with the rest of your baby’s things.


Add Baking Soda to Absorb Smells

People put baking soda in their freezer to absorb food scents and keep their ice and other frozen products tasting good. This is a great strategy for baby bags, too! You can put a small baking soda container (one with a parchment paper window to admit smells but keep the baking soda inside) in one of the pockets inside your bag. This will help absorb food smells and other undesirable scents. Replace it when it begins losing effectiveness.


Get a Studio 26 Rubber Bottom Bag

Studio 26 baby bags, the bags with a sole, feature a revolutionary, waterproof rubber bottom. Not only does this make the bag extra durable, it helps contain spills and other messes so they don’t soak into the rest of your bag. And the exterior of the bag bottom, made of the same material you find in sneaker soles, cleans easily with just a little warm soap and water. You’ll never again have to worry about tracking in dirt and other nastiness from outside into your baby’s room on the bottom of the baby bag.


Each Studio 26 baby bag features plenty of internal storage which is customizable and, most importantly, removeable, making cleaning even easier! Plus spills will be far less frequent with our “baby basket” inserts designed to keep bottles upright, poopy diapers contained, and other potential mess sources from sliding around.


Clean Frequently And Your Bag Will Last

Particularly with a Studio 26 baby bag, proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your bag looking, and smelling its best for a long time to come. Took a look at our selection of durable, “infinite carry” bags today!